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2017 – 2019 Academic Developer: Active Collaborative Learning
Anglia Ruksin University, Anglia Learning & Teaching, UK

  1. 2019: Senior Fellow, Higher Education Academy
  2. Multi-institutional project funded by Office for Students (formerly Higher Education Funding Council for England)
  3. Implementing Team-Based Learning at institutional scale in order to address disparities in educational outcomes for students from some backgrounds
  4. Developing and running staff training and CPD for academics supporting teaching using Team-Based Learning
  5. Promoted adoption of Team-Based Learning in new courses, including the newly opened School of Medicine (2018)
  6. Mixed methods evaluation of the impact of at-scale Team-Based Learning, particularly focusing on success of students from disadvantaged backgrounds
  7. Pioneered use of large-scale institutional data to analyse educational impact
  8. Influencing senior management to adapt policies and procedures to fit better with Active Collaborative Learning
  9. Working with various university services to identify and overcomeinstitutional barriers to change
  10. Creating links between academics carrying out pedagogic research and innovating in learning and teaching
  11. Research in partnership with students
  12. Membership of project committee with representation from all faculties
  13. Disseminating findings of project via conference presentations and peer-reviewed publications
  14. Raising profile of project through social media including Twitter and institutional blogs
  15. Writing regular reports contributing to project submission to funder
  16. Addressing legal and research governance issues including data processing and ethical approval

2009 – 2017 Lectureship
Keele University School of Medicine and Institute for Science and Technology in Medicine, UK

  1. Jewish Community Liaison Officer and member of university level Communities Together committee
  2. PI of research group, Genetics of cancer cell fate
  3. Supervised two PhD students, research topic: Characterisation of PLAC8, a novel cancer cell fate regulator, and The prolactin receptor in breast cancer cell fate
  4. Module Lead for Yr 2 Life support (respiration) in 2018 curriculum revision
  5. Module Lead for Yr 1 A complex family
  6. Medical School Academic Conduct Officer
  7. Member of Professionalism and Welfare committee and Athena Swan working group
  8. Problem-Based Learning (PBL) tutor
  9. Designed and implemented a range of assessment activities for Yr 1 and Yr 2 medical students
  10. Delivered range of lectures, practicals and small group teaching to Yr 1 and Yr 2 medical students
  11. 2016: Accepted as Fellow of the Higher Education Academy
  12. 2016: Membership of European Association for Cancer Research
  13. 2016: Presented research at European Association for Cancer Research A matter of life and cell death conference
  14. 2011-2015: Academic Lead for Professional Development Tutors programme
  15. 2013-2015: Lead women's interfaith discussion group
  16. 2010-2015: Responsible for liaison between Medical School and Health Foundation (Medicine) course
  17. 2014: Secured research funding for second PhD project
  18. 2013: Achieved Keele University Teaching and Learning in Higher Education PGCert
  19. 2012: Completed probation period and permanent appointment confirmed
  20. 2012: Secured research funding for PhD project
  21. 2011, 2012: Acting lead for disability strand of Yr 2 teaching
  22. 2011: Completed St George's University of London Advanced Assessment course
  23. 2010, 2011: Taught seminars for Yr 4 MPharm Cancer drugs
  24. 2010: Presented research at Frontiers in Cell Biology and Medicine conference, York University
  25. 2010-2012: Module Lead for Yr 2 Inputs and Outputs
  26. 2009: Acting Module Lead for Yr 2 Movement (maternity cover)

2006 – 2009 Post-doctoral position
Södertörn University and Karolinska Institute, Sweden
Research topic: c-Myc, nucleoli and cancer
Supervisor: Professor Anthony Wright

  1. November 2008: CASCADE European network of excellence course on Communicating research to the public and media
  2. October 2008: Presented work at Swedish Epigenetics Network meeting
  3. 2008: Post-doctoral funding from Cancerfonden extended for a third year
  4. Spring semester 2008, 2009: Co-leader of undergraduate course Molecular Biology of the Genome, giving lectures, running "dry labs" problem-based learning sessions, and helping to set exam papers for the module
  5. 2008: took part in a pilot study of small molecules targetting Myc, in collaboration with Actar drug discovery enterprise
  6. August 2007: Karolinska Institute Workshop in Photomicrography
  7. Techniques including mammalian cell culture, immunofluorescence, chromatin immunoprecipitation, molecular biology, chromatin conformation capture as well as standard biochemical techniques
  8. Acted as informal advisor to PhD students in the lab
  9. Organized group meetings and communication between group members
  10. 2006: Two year guest researcher position funded by Cancerfonden (Swedish Cancer Society)

2001 – 2005 PhD studies
University of Dundee, Scotland, UK
Supervisors: Professor Sir David Lane, Professor Sonia Laín

  1. June 2005: Awarded degree of PhD in Surgery & Molecular Oncology, with a thesis on Discovering novel, non-genotoxic activators of p53
  2. 2003 – 2004 Taught adult education classes on World Religion at the University of Dundee
  3. 2002, 2003 Presented work at scientific conferences (Oxford, UK; Lille, France)
  4. 2002 Supervised undergraduate medical student lab project
  5. 2001 Cancer Research UK PhD studentship

1997 – 2001 Merton College, University of Oxford

  1. 2001 MBioch (First Class) – University of Oxford
  2. 2001 Gibbs book prize for outstanding paper in Part II MBioch – University of Oxford
  3. 2000 Wilder Penfield Prize for undergraduate achievement in science and medicine – Merton College, Oxford
  4. 1999 Participated in undergraduate science programme at the Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel
  5. 1999 Postmastership (full scholarship) – Merton College, Oxford

1987 – 1997: Perse School for Girls, Cambridge

  1. 1997 Oxford and Cambridge Examinations and Assessment Council prize for A Level French
  2. 1997 5 A Levels at Grade A

Other work experience

Interests and activities

Currently studying Jews, Christians and Muslims in Europe at the Woolf Institute, Cambridge University


Computers and IT

2009 – 2017: voluntary leadership role with Stoke-on-Trent and North Stafforshire Hebrew Congregation

Summer 2009 Student at Drisha institute for Jewish education, New York

2007 – 2009 Board member, Stockholm Progressive Judaism

2001 – 2005 Religious Affairs Officer, Dundee Hebrew Congregation

2001 – 2004 Treasurer, Dundee Inter Faith Association

2002 – 2004 Jewish representative for Scottish Inter Faith Council Youth section

2001 – 2003 Voluntary teaching at synagogue Sunday School

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